Virgin Australia's Pet Frequent Flyer Points

Frequent Flyer Points For Pets

Are you a frequent flying feline? Perhaps you’re a jet setting jack russell? Well get excited because now every time you travel with your owner, they will receive at least 300 frequent flyer points from virgin!

That’s right, Virgin Australia have recently launched a pet frequent flyer program, so you can now earn points every time you take your furriest family member on holidays with you!

All you need to do is be a member of Virgin’s Velocity frequent flyer program to claim the points. If you aren’t already a member, joining up is free and can be done online.


Depending on your membership, you can earn from 300 to 1,200 points just for travelling with your pets!

There is a maximum of 2 pet carriers on which you can claim your points, check out how many points you can earn below.

Virgin Pets Frequent Flyer Points

If you like the sounds of this new pet frequent flyer program, it might even be a good idea to check out some credit card options, which would give you even more Virgin Velocity frequent flyer points and other rewards. Compare Virgin Velocity credit cards and find out more information here at MoneyBuddy.


There is an extra cost for taking your pets with you, which has always been the case, but at least now you can get rewards for doing so. The costs are shown below.

Travelling With Pets Costs


There are also some conditions on receiving your pet frequent flyer points, and on how pets can travel on flights, which are all shown on Virgin’s website. Some of the main points are that: Points are not given for assistance pets, such as guide dogs, if they are to going to be travelling on board, you are also not given points for any unaccompanied pets. Other conditions are that you must provide the pet container yourself, and some breeds of dogs need extra strong containers, all of which is explained in Virgin’s guidelines.

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