Income tax: Where to go for help?

Income tax affects every working person, and it’s important to get the right information. You may be concerned about filling out your income tax return, or perhaps you are concerned about what tax bracket you fit into. Maybe you’d like to find out your eligibility for income tax deductions or tax rebates, or you may be looking for a simple income tax calculator? Look no further for some avenues to explore to get income tax help.

Income tax: official information

For solutions to your income tax problems, there’s no better place to start than the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which has a wealth of information online to help you get your head around the finer points of income taxes (amongst other things). If you’re worried about completing your tax return or you have a grievance regarding your rate of tax, or rebates that you think you may be entitled to, you should call the ATO or visit their website as the first port of call.

The ATO’s website offers more than just a means to lodge your tax form, offering information on computer requirements, filling out online tax return forms, correcting mistakes, and extensive information on available rebates and bonus claims. The online system can be accessed free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and as a means of saving time, online tax lodgement can be very effective, especially if you are more familiar with filing and processing documents online. Online tax returns can be a good way to save time and effort, and the quicker processing time and easy to track submission process may explain why 1.9 million Australians lodged their tax online in 2007. All forms and information online can be printed to file away and keep, so you needn't worry about lacking paperwork for easy reference.

Income tax help: Other useful sources

If you are unsure of your standing with regards to your income tax rate, or you think you may qualify for income tax rebates but aren’t sure how to apply or what specifically is available, you may wish to visit the ATO website and view the section specifically pertaining to your particular issue. If instead you wish to give your income tax situation a more thorough check over, you may wish to seek the advice of your accountant or financial adviser, in order to resolve an existing issue or otherwise organise more efficient income tax planning. The ATO can offer you general information and guidelines, but a personal income tax adviser can organise your finances and ensure that you submit your tax returns form with the best possible chance of receiving a fair and accurate income tax rate.

Online income tax calculators

An online income tax calculator could be a useful start if you want to learn more about income tax: which income tax rate bracket you fall under, what income tax amount you are paying, and other basic but essential pieces of information. An online income tax calculator is simply an analysis tool, appearing in the form of a simple embedded Flash graphic on a web page, allowing you to enter your salary details and often displaying graphs, charts or other graphics of results for easier understanding. Telling you only the basic necessary information (net income, tax amount, etc), an income tax calculator lets you enter your salary in a text field and click a “calculate” button to get a clear display of your tax amount alongside net income. Most calculators also offer income tax rate comparison with the previous financial year. A Flash graphic calculator’s fundamental aim is to perform a simple task and get information across quickly.

If you’re seeking simple information about your rate of income tax or your net income amount you could find out how the current tax rate affects you with an online income tax calculator, but if you already know your situation and wish to find the advice of a qualified, experienced professional, you should seek the services of a certified accountant. If you have a simple question that may be answered easily, it’s worth contacting the ATO first, given that they are the official government taxation office.

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