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Credit24 gives small personal loans to customers, online, quick and easy. They have a fee structure that is different from many short term loan and payday loan providers. The fee that you are charged is dependent on your repayment period. Pay back within one month to get the lowest fee.

The Basics

Standard Fee From 16% Per Month

Max. Loan $5,000

Loan term 1 to 12 months

How fast 24 hours

The cool stuff: features

Repayment method Direct Debit

Online application Yes

Phone application No

Refinancing Customers who make earlier repayments receive a discount

Speed Your money can be deposited the same day

The Facts & Figures

Min. loan $300

Min. term 30

Max. term 365

Requirements Must be over 18 years old. Customers residing in ALL Australian states are able to obtain a loan from Credit24.

The ugly stuff: fees

Fee From 16% Per Month

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Credit24 says

Our online application is quick, easy and we can usually give you an answer straight away!

Key features

  • Repayable from 1 to 12 months
  • The quicker you pay it off the lower the fees
  • Transparent fee table - know everything before applying
  • Now available in every Australian state


  • Get an instant response to your loan application
  • If approved get your money the next business day
  • Flexible loan terms of up to 12 months


  • Consumer debt of any kind can become a financial burden if continually relied upon

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