Aussie Money Centre

Aussie Money Centre

Address 12B, 63-79 Parramatta Road, Silverwater, NSW 2128

About Aussie Money Centre

Aussie Money Centre (AMC) is a financial intermediary that provides Australians with a full range of finance and insurance products to accommodate their personal and business needs, including access to the majority of lending and financial institutions in Australia. AMC provides car loans, boat loans, bike loans, caravan loans and car insurance. Established for over five years, AMC was awarded in May 2006 with writing $5 million in car loan business. Michael Virgo has 11 years experience in the motor industry working for companies including GE and AGC. AMC can be found on the corner of Parramatta Road and Silverwater Road, opposite Reading Cinema and McDonalds.

Services we offer

  • Insurance
  • Car Loan

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