Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd

Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd

Address Level 4 Niecon Tower, Suite 4A, 17 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach, QLD

About Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd

Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd offers a complete range of financial services and investment products for home loans, investment properties, land and business. Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd's clients are Australia wide and all clients have access to Allied Financial Planning's mortgage broking, financial planning, accountancy and investment group for risk management and investment advice.

A boutique financial services organisation, Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd provides finance, business and financial planning, accountancy, investments, superannuation and insurance. Allied Financial Planning is a complete financial services organisation, with a full range of financial services provided, from accountancy and book keeping, to financial planning, business advice, insurance, finance and mortgages, investment property finance, and the resources of people who have been in the financial services industry since 1988. Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd has developed an investment product, P.I.E.S. (Planned Income Enhancement Strategy) in BlueChip Portfolio Investments.

Parent company Allied Mortgage Corporation was incorporated in 1988. Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and operates under Allied Mortgage Corporation's wing, from the same offices, with the same wide range of resources. Ray Jamieson Dip F.S. (FP) has been in business consultancy since 1988, initially in corporate rescue, then finance and financial services, evolving into corporate training and consulting. He has been working as a consultant to Allied Mortgage Corporation since 2003 and joined the organisation as a financial planner in 2007.

Allied Financial Planning Pty Ltd is located on Level 4 of Niecon Tower, near Broadbeach Mall in Broadbeach. The offices are opposite The Oasis Shopping Centre (underneath which is a huge carpark with 3.5 hours free parking) and Jupiters Casino across the Gold Coast Highway, at the corner of Hooker Blvd and Gold Coast Highway in Broadbeach.

Services we offer

  • Insurance
  • Other Finance
  • Financial Planning Advice
  • Home Loan

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