Debit Cards for Business

Just as debit cards have become popular for consumers, business users are also seeing the benefits of these cards.

The introduction of business debit cards has given small business owners more choice and flexibility in how they run their company’s finances.

What is a Business Debit Card?

A business debit card works in a similar fashion to a business credit card, but instead of using the bank’s credit you are using your own money.

Unlike a normal ATM card, a debit card can be used just like a credit card for online shopping and other forms of ordering where a Visa or MasterCard are required.

Although a business debit card does not have any credit amount available, most banks will still allow them to be linked to an account with an overdraft, which effectively still enables you to access credit if needed.

As with normal credit cards, debit cards come in either Visa or MasterCard format. Some banks provide the option of both formats, whilst some only offer one or the other.

Benefits of Business Debit Cards

The benefit of a business debit card comes mainly from the ability to use it where normally only credit cards would be accepted, but without actually having to use credit.

Many business owners choose to avoid borrowing money or having any debts, however this can make life difficult when ordering supplies online as most websites only accept credit card details for payment. A business debit card allows you to order via these merchants without using credit.

Business debit cards are also great for new businesses and those that cannot prove their incomes.

When applying for a business credit card most banks will require at least two years worth of company tax returns, however if you are running a new business or don’t have up to date financials, you generally won’t be able to meet the bank’s requirements.

A business debit card does not involve the bank providing any credit to you, and therefore there is no need to provide your company financials or even have a credit check completed.

By utilising a debit card a new business can enjoy the convenience of online ordering without having to jump through all of the usual credit card hoops set by the banks.

Business Debit Card Issuers

Most of the major and regional banks in Australia have a business debit card as a part of the product range, however there are still a few who are lagging behind.

When deciding on a bank to look after your business banking needs, it is worthwhile checking if they have a business debit card available, even if you don’t think you’ll need one straight away.

Choosing a Business Debit Card

Business debit cards are generally available as a no-cost option when you have a business account or overdraft with the bank. Provided that there are no additional fees for the card, you will simply want to check the ongoing fees and conditions with the account that the card is attached to.

Many small businesses in Australia can benefit from holding a debit card, so check with your bank today to see what they can offer you.

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