Westpac Credit Cards

Westpac is one of Australia’s largest banks, and it is no surprise that they offer a great range of credit cards to suit a variety of customer needs.

The credit card range offered by Westpac Bank stretches from basic low rate cards through to premium rewards cards, many of which have won awards over the years.

At the 2010 Money Magazine awards, credit cards offered by Westpac picked up the awards for best frequent flyer program and best rewards credit card.

The cards offered by Westpac are split into three main categories. The categories are rewards cards, low interest rate cards and lower annual fee cards.

Rewards Credit Cards

Westpac have a number of credit cards in the rewards category which allow cardholders to earn rewards in various ways.

Altitude is the name of Westpac’s own rewards program. The Altitude card is available as a standard, Gold or Platinum card, and points earned go directly towards the Altitude program.

The Westpac KrisFlyer credit card is designed for members of Singapore Airline’s rewards program of the same name. The KrisFlyer card is available as a MasterCard or American Express, with American Express cardholders earning a higher number of points for each dollar spent.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can access the Westpac Earth credit card. Points earned on this card are credited directly to your Qantas frequent flyer membership, with the number of points earned dependant on which card you choose.

All rewards card issued by Westpac are available with up to 45 days interest free provided that the full monthly balance is cleared.

Low Interest Rate Cards

Westpac’s low interest rate credit card offers cardholders a low ongoing interest rate, a low balance transfer rate and a low annual fee. This combination creates a credit card that suits many customers looking for a good value card.

The card is available with up to 55 days interest free and is offered as a Visa or MasterCard.

Lower Annual Fee Cards

For customers looking to save on their annual fees Westpac offers a range of credit cards with reduced card fees.

This range includes, Gold and Platinum credit cards which feature no annual fees provided that a certain amount is spent on the card each year. There is also low fee card which has been designed just for students.

Each of the lower annual fee credit cards are available in Visa or MasterCard format, and are also offered with up to 55 days interest free when the monthly balance is cleared each month.

Contactless Payments

Most of the credit cards offered by Westpac are available with contactless payment technology which allows you to make purchases of $100 without having to swipe or enter a PIN.

Visa cards with this technology will contain the payWave logo, and MasterCard cards will show PayPass on the front of the card.

Applying for a Westpac Card

As with most major banks, all Westpac credit cards can be applied for online using a secure application form.

The online application takes around 15 to 20 minutes and the information required will include your driver’s licence number, your monthly after-tax income, your current employer’s details and details of your financial commitments.

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