Virgin Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

The frequent flyer program offered by Virgin Australia is known as Velocity. Members can earn points in a variety of ways, including through credit cards linked to the program.

There are credit cards available which feature the Virgin and Velocity branding, and there are a large number of other cards that allow you to transfer points to your Velocity membership.

Not all of us fly frequently enough with a single airline to earn sufficient points for free flights, but by using a linked credit card you can give your points balance a solid boost every month.

There are number of different types of credit cards which can be used to earn points for the Velocity program.

Virgin Money Credit Cards

Virgin Money has two cards which can be linked to the Velocity frequent flyer program. At the time of writing, the Virgin Flyer credit card enables members to earn one point per dollar spent up to $1,500 each month, after which it switches to one point per two dollars spent. Check previous link to see the latest conditions and offers.

For higher volume users there is the Virgin High flyer credit card. This card offers 1.25 points per dollar spent with no limit on the number of points which can be earned. This card features a higher annual fee than the standard Flyer card.

Both of the Virgin Money cards for Velocity members offer bonus points when booking flights with Virgin Australia.

Velocity American Express Cards

The Velocity American Express comes in a range of different cards depending on your needs and spending habits.

There are three different cards, which offer 1, 1.25 and 1.5 points respectively per dollar spent. Card holders can earn unlimited points with any of the three cards.

Bonus points are awarded when using the cards to book Virgin Australia flights.

Velocity NAB Cards

The NAB Velocity Standard Card and NAB Velocity Gold Card are offered by the National Australia Bank and are available as a Visa card and an American Express card.

The Velocity points awarded by each card ranges from one to two points per dollar spent, and there are no limits on the points that can be earned per month.

Other Credit Cards

In addition to the Virgin and Velocity branded cards, there are numerous other credit cards which can also be used to earn Velocity points.

The way this works does vary between the card providers, but generally the process involves manually transferring your standard rewards points from your credit card to your Velocity membership.

When transferring points from another credit card you need to be mindful of the conversion rate for your points. Some rewards programs have a one-for-one conversion with Velocity, whilst others can be up to 2.25 standard rewards points for one Velocity point.

Velocity Credit Card Rewards

Linking your credit card to your Velocity rewards membership can be a great way to boost your points balance and earn free flights sooner.

Velocity frequent flyer credit card rewards can also be used with a number of well known and world class international partner airlines - so you aren't locked in to just flying with Virgin.

Before choosing any credit card you should ensure that the overall features and benefits meet your needs and objectives, rather than focusing solely on the rewards program.

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