ANZ Credit Cards

As one of Australia’s biggest banks, ANZ have a great range of credit cards available to suit a variety of different users.

The credit cards offered by ANZ fall into three main groups. The range includes Platinum cards, rewards and frequent flyer cards, as well as low annual fee and low rate credit cards.

ANZ offers cards in Visa, MasterCard and American Express format, as well as a range of prepaid and debit cards.

ANZ Platinum Cards

There are three different cards available in ANZ’s range of Platinum credit cards. These include the standard ANZ Platinum, the ANZ Rewards Platinum and the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum.

The ANZ Platinum cards all offer up to 55 days interest free, and are available as either Visa or American Express.

ANZ’s standard Platinum card offers all the usual Platinum benefits such as travel insurance, purchase insurance and concierge service. The Rewards Platinum card offers the same benefits, but also includes access to the ANZ rewards program.

For Qantas frequent flyers ANZ have the Frequent Flyer Platinum card. This card offers the great benefits of a Platinum card whilst being linked directly your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.

Rewards & Frequent Flyer Cards

This category includes the ANZ Rewards card and the ANZ Frequent Flyer card. Both of these cards are similar to their Platinum counterparts detailed above, but without the Platinum benefits such as travel insurance.

The ANZ Rewards and ANZ Frequent Flyer cards are available in American Express and Visa format, and offer up to 44 days interest free provided that the card balance is cleared each month.

Another of the credit cards in the Rewards category is the ANZ Balance Visa. This card offers rewards points to cardholders for reducing their credit card balances.

Low Annual Fee & Low Rate Cards

Whilst the Platinum and Rewards cards offer a range of great benefits, ANZ also offer a range of credit cards that are suited to those who are more concerned about low rates and fees.

For those seeking a low annual fee there is the ANZ First Visa, which offers low ongoing fees and up to 44 days interest free. If a low rate is more important, there is the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard, which offers a low rate and up to 55 days interest free.

Business Credit Cards

For business customers ANZ offers a range of cards to suit the needs of different businesses.

There are four different credit cards in the business range, which include a rewards card, a low interest card and an interest free card. The fourth card in the range features the benefits of interest free as well as rewards membership.

Debit and Prepaid Cards

ANZ understands that not everyone wants to have access to credit, and these customers are catered for through the debit and prepaid cards offered by the bank.

The ANZ Access Visa Debit card can be linked to an ANZ bank account, giving the convenience of a Visa card whilst still using your own money rather than credit.

ANZ’s Visa Prepaid cards allow cards to be preloaded with a set amount of money. These are popular as gifts, and give the recipient the freedom to use the card wherever they wish, including online shopping.

Applying for an ANZ Credit Card

All ANZ credit cards can be applied for online via the secure form on the ANZ website.

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