American Express Chip, PIN and Contactless

I recently had to request American Express send me a replacement card. My current credit card of choice is the Amex Platinum Edge and after a number of years of use, the magnetic stripe on the back had started wearing out. I became a menace in the petrol station line, holding up everyone behind me as the attendant tried desperately to swipe my card again and again and again...until finally asking for another card.

After terrorising petrol stations for a few weeks I called up American Express, explained the problem and they said they'd send me out a new card. I was a little worried that they'd charge me for a replacement card, like a phone company charges you when you need to replace a sim card. But clearly it's in American Express's interest to have me using their card and not defaulting to the MasterCard when the guy at the petrol station can't get it to work. So they sent me out a shiny new credit card with a brochure explaining the new technology - in particular the chip, the PIN and Contactless.

This article is about the new features in American Express credit cards. So if you're considering getting an Amex, know you have a new Amex card coming soon, or simply have one of the new cards and don't feel like reading the pamphlet, then this article is for you.

American Express Chip

As you'll see in the picture above, the new American Express credit cards come with a microchip.

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