American Express Black Centurion Card

So you thought platinum cards were the top of the line? Though you were really fancy pulling out your high class card before? Well actually you're probably only ‘a little bit fancy’, compared the elite few that have the ultimate, top of the line, nothing higher than this, super-duper American Express Black Centurion Card.

American Express Black Card

Never heard of this card before? That’s because American Express want it that way. The American Express Black Centurion Card is only given to selected customers, by invitation only.

How Do You Get An American Express Black Centurion Card?

Although many of the details are top secret, some information searching has resulted in a general consensus on the eligibility requirements of the black card.

Firstly, and obviously, you have to have a brilliant credit score. Secondly, you have to be spending a minimum of $250,000 a year using your American Express Platinum Card (That’s over $20,000 a month!). Thirdly, you have to be loaded, the average American Express Centurion Card holder is worth over $16 million!

To qualify for an American Express Black Centurion Card, you have to work your way up from their Platinum Card, if you want to start on that journey now, apply for an American Express Platinum Card.

What Are The American Express Black Centurion Card Rewards?

The regular and platinum American Express rewards programs are already amazing, but they really up the benefits with their ultra elite card…

Again, most of the benefits are secret, but rumour has it that the card holders receive services such as a dedicated 24/7 concierge, which apparently finds you anything you want, and by anything we mean ANYTHING.

Things like, the horse ridden by Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves, you want that? Well American Express will deliver it right to your door. Or even some sand from the bottom of the dead sea, delivered to your home just in time for your son’s school project on the Holy land. Random, yes, but we didn’t just make these up, these are actual examples of customer’s requests, requests that were filled by American Express.

This is the kind of service you can expect from American Express.

Other services are rumoured to include personal shoppers, access to all airline and airport lounges, flight upgrades to first class as well as free flights, free hotel stays, plus….. the card itself.

The card is made out of Titanium. Yep. Titanium.

(Which might explain the fees)

How Much Does The American Express Black Centurion Card Cost?

If you qualify to receive one of these cards, chances are you won’t be too worried about what it costs, the current Australian yearly fee is $5,000. Plus a once off $5,000 fee when you first receive the card. But hey, Titanium isn’t cheap.

If you’re one of the lucky few that think you could easily get one of these cards, you still have to be using an American Express Platinum Card for 12 months before you’ll get an invitation. Get one here, on MoneyBuddy by going to the American Express Platinum Card page.

American Express has so many good cards to choose from, including ones that give Velocity points, or Qantas points, plus more!

Have a look at the range of American Express cards on our comparison page, American Express Card Comparison.

American Express are known for their great customer service, and offering great rewards and bonuses for loyal customers, so start now and who knows how many cool rewards and extras you will receive in the years to come!

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