Visa Prepaid Cards

Along with the traditional Visa credit and debit cards, Visa also have a prepaid card available here in Australia.

The prepaid Visa card has a range of different uses. It can be used as a gift card that can be accepted almost anywhere, it can be used whilst travelling and it can even be used as a way to control your teenager’s spending habits.

As with all types of Visa cards the prepaid card is accepted by a huge range of businesses and can also be used for shopping over the phone or online.

Types of Cards

Prepaid Visa cards come in two different types. The first type is a disposable card which works more like a traditional gift card. Once the credit has been used up, the card is simply disposed of.

Also available is a prepaid card which can continually be topped up as the balance is used. These are particularly suited to travellers and teenage cardholders.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a great gift idea, however the recipient will generally be restricted to a single store or a small group of stores. Furthermore, as we have seen recently with a number of store failures, gift cards can easily become worthless when a store goes out of business.

A Visa prepaid card can be used at any store which accepts Visa, so the recipient of the card is free to shop at almost any store around the world, even if the store only operates online.

Because the card is not linked to a specific store or chain, the recipient of the card needn’t worry about a store failure resulting in their card becoming worthless.

With the flexibility and security of a Visa prepaid card, there seems to be little reason to buy a traditional gift card ever again.

Cards for Travelling

A prepaid Visa card can be a great way to keep your money safe whilst travelling overseas. Instead of risking large amounts of local currency or unlimited access to your credit card or bank account, you can simply carry a prepaid Visa card with a small balance available.

As you can top up your balance at any time via internet banking, you can ensure that your card only has a small amount available at any time, reducing the risk of a major financial loss if you lose the card.

Cards for Teenagers

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, it is not unusual for teenagers to seek access to a credit card. You could give them their own card or let them borrow yours, however as a teenager it can sometimes be difficult to remain disciplined when there is so much temptation out there.

A prepaid Visa is a great way to give your teenage children the convenience and access that a Visa provides, but without any concern that they will run up huge bills. You can simply place as much or as little money onto the card as you are comfortable with them having.

Obtaining a Card

Prepaid Visa cards are available from most major banks and selected financial institutions. As there is no credit being provided, the application process is generally very simple and no credit checks are required.

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