Commonwealth Bank Credit Cards

The Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks, and as such they have a wide range of credit cards to suit a range of different personal and business needs.

The credit cards offered by the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) fall into three different categories, being Awards Cards, Low Fee Cards and Low Rate Cards.

Most of CBA’s credit cards are offered in MasterCard format, with a number of cards also offered as American Express.

Low Fee Cards

There are three different cards in the CBA Low Fee Card range. These include the standard Low Fee card, the Low Fee Gold card and the Student credit card.

Each of the cards in the Low Fee range has been designed with low fees in mind. The standard and Gold cards both feature low ongoing fees, and the Student card has no annual fees.

The Low Fee cards offered by CBA are not eligible to earn Awards points, however the Low Fee Gold credit card does feature the usual gold benefits such as international travel insurance.

Additional cardholders can be added to each card at no extra cost, and each of the Low Fee cards are available with up to 55 days interest free provided that the full monthly balance is cleared.

Low Rate Cards

If you’re unable to clear your balance each month and are being charged interest, you may be interested in the Commonwealth Bank’s range of Low Rate credit cards.

With a standard Low Rate card and a Low Rate Gold card, the range is similar to the Low Fee range but without the Student card.

As with the Low Fee range, these credit cards are available with up to 55 days interest free and additional cardholders can be added at no extra cost. The Low Rate Gold card also comes with free international travel insurance.

Awards Cards

The credit card rewards program offered by the Commonwealth Bank is known as their Awards program. The credit cards that are eligible for this program are known as Awards Cards.

There are four cards in this range, which are the standard Awards card, the Gold Awards card, the Platinum Awards card and the Diamond Awards credit card.

Unlike most other credit cards offered by the CBA, the Awards range is also available as an American Express in addition to the regular MasterCard format. All cards are available with up to 55 days interest free when the monthly balance is cleared.

Standard Awards cardholders can earn up to 1.5 Awards points per dollar spent and Gold Awards cardholder can earn up to 2 points per dollar spent. Platinum and Diamond cardholders can boost their points earning potential up to 3 points per dollar spent.

The points earning capacity of each Awards card is capped. The lowest cap is 50,000 points for the standard card, and up to one million points for the Diamond Awards card.

Choosing and Applying for a CBA Credit Card.

The Commonwealth Bank credit card you choose will depend on your own needs and objectives. Factors to take into account include your spending habits and your ability to clear you card balance each month.

Applying for a CBA credit card is easy thanks to the secure online application form available via the website.

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