Credit Card Security: Pin Codes

The introduction of credit cards has certainly made it easier for people to get the things they want in life but as with anything concerning money, there 's always the question of your security.

Credit Card Security: Pin Codes

Credit Card Security

Theft is becoming more of a concern these days with determined fraudsters finding several ways of getting your account details and accessing your money via clever devices in ATMs and over the internet. As a result, financial institutions upgrade their security codes on a regular basis and many cards today come with a Card Security Code (CSC) or a Card Identification Digit. This is not a PIN.

But Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are also a good source of security because without the PIN the card cannot operate. The purpose of these numbers is as follows:

  • PIN numbers are allocated to each card you own.
  • The PIN is the security access code to that card only.
  • Additional cards attached to you account will each have their own PIN.

As your PIN number is unique to your card you need to take care to safeguard it. Never give out your PIN to anyone or keep it with your card. Never write your PIN on your card either. If you feel you must keep a written record of your PIN for your own reference, keep it in a safe place that is completely separate from where you keep your card.

The good thing is that if you lose or forget your PIN you can apply to get another one but again, be careful where you keep it.

Security: Using Pin Codes & ATMs

ATM users are now being encouraged to cover the keypad when entering their PIN to prevent any illegal device attached to the ATM from 'reading'; the number. ATM users are also being asked to note and report any signs of tampering with on ATM machine and to be aware of any odd looking additions to the normal appearance of the ATM.

Most importantly though, keep your PIN totally secure by making sure you are the only one who know it. If you suspect that someone else may have discovered you PIN you should contact the bank and change it immediately. This is the number that allows your card to be used and is your first defence against someone else accessing your account illegally.

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