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Redeeming credit card points with a frequent flyer program is one of the ways you can maximise the value of your spending. Compare the offers in the table below to find a frequent flyer credit card. Just keep in mind that we don't list every frequent flyer credit card in the market and when you're doing a comparison we may not have every feature available to compare.

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Choosing A Frequent Flyer Credit Card

There is usually an abundance of choice when it comes to using the points you've amassed from your credit card rewards program. One of the most popular redemption options is with a frequent flyer program. The good news is that some of the better value rewards come from a frequent flyer credit card - so read on for more tips so you can book that next flight sooner!

Frequent flyer programs started to appear in the late 1970's and become very popular in the 1980's. They were initially used by airlines as loyalty programs to entice and reward high value customers who were regular travelers. Only a small percentage of the population frequently book flights for business or leisure and so these types of airline loyalty programs were fairly narrow in scope. But when airlines and financial institutions started doing deals to provide frequent flyer points for everyday spending on credit cards, many people were introduced to accumulating points to redeem for flights.

Now frequent flyer credit cards are extremely popular and there are lots of options to choose from. The main two programs in Australia are the Qantas Frequent Flyer and Virgin Velocity programs and each has relationships with a number of banks. This means choice and comparison for the you the consumer in finding afrequent flyer credit card deal that suits you.

If you're deciding which frequent flyer program and credit card to go with take a quick step back and look at whether it's a good move for you. Most rewards credit cards have an annual fee and so you want to make sure what you spend earns you points at least to the value of the annual fee. If the points value doesn't cover your annual fee, you might be better off getting a no annual fee credit card and putting the money you save in the bank to go towards that next holiday!

Some credit cards are linked directly to your frequent flyer account and all points you earn will be put straight into that account. Other cards will allow you to accrue points which then at a later date you can redeem for flights and other rewards. This allows you to keep a little more flexibility with your points so you can decide at the time what is the best to spend them on. The Virgin Velocity program also gives you the choice of redeeming flights with their partner airlines like Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and more. If you don't want to be locked in to the choice of only one airline, then Velocity is a flexible program.

Each frequent flyer credit card offers a different value for the points you spend. Keep in mind that if a credit card offers 1 point for every $2 spent, it will take you twice as long to save the same amount of points in the same frequent flyer program that earns 1 point per $1 spent. Some credit cards also cap the amount of points you can earn in a month. If you're trying to earn points as fast as you can to redeem for flights, then you may find that these cards don't work as well for you. The capped limits are usually for a spend of $1,500 per month or more, so if you don't ever spend that much in a month you really don't need to worry about points capping.

Although Qantas and Virgin have the most popular frequent flyer programs in Australia and are connected to many credit cards, there are also a few cards that are connected to other programs. Westpac has a platinum card connected to the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program and Citibank has a platinum card connected to the Emirates SkyWards frequent flyer program. As mentioned above Virgin Velocity also offers points redemption through other partner airlines.

Comparing frequent flyer credit cards and their points values and other pros and cons will help you decide on a card best suited to your needs. The MoneyBuddy information tables and information articles are designed to make this process easier and quicker. Just keep in mind that we don't show every frequent flyer credit card in the market and we may not have every feature available to compare. Happy travels!

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