Westpac Car Loans

Westpac Car Loans

If you are after a loan for your new car, you should consider one of Wetspac's Car Loans. Westpac have loans for you whether you want to buy a new car or a used car, at a very competitive interest rate.

Westpac Car Loans Positives

A Westpac car loan has many great features. Westpac offer you flexibility with your repayment schedule, by offering you weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

You can also make early repayments and additional repayments, so you can pay off that car sooner!

Westpac also offer you loan terms starting from 1 year all the way up to 7 years, this means you can stretch that loan out and make the repayments more affordable per week.

Westpac are always offering new deals and hot offers, so you should check the Westpac Car Loans page to find out if you can get one of these and to see what deals Westpac are currently running. Sometimes you might even get cashback or a discounted interest rate!

You can also apply online, quickly and easily, and be approved within 24 hours!

Westpac Car Loans Negatives

There aren't really any to report! The only problem you may encounter is that the minimum loan amount is $10,000, which means if the car you are looking at is under that amount you won't be able to get this loan to fudn your purchase.

There is a $250 establishment fee but this will not be charged upfront, instead the fee will be added on the loan amount, so you will pay it off with the rest of the loan.

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