Transfer Rego On A Used Car NSW

Just bought a new car and want to know how much you have to pay the RMS (RTA) to have it put into your name?

If you have bought a used car, which is registered, you will have to pay a registration transfer fee plus a stamp duty fee to the RMS (RTA).

Registration Transfer Fees

These are a set price of $30 per car. This is only if the car is used/already registered.

Stamp Duty Fees

These are the fees that add up to the biggest expense with the RMS (RTA). They charge 3% of the total cost of the car.

Personalised Number Plate Transfer Fee

If you have personalised number plates you would like to keep from your old car, you will have to pay a fee to get these on the new car you have just purchased. The fee is $183 for personalised plus number plates (The usual personalised number plates).

Other Up-Front Fees

If the car is already registered the CTP will already have been paid for up until the registration expiry date of the car so you won't have to pay this. If you want further insurance, such as thirdy party or comprehensive, most providers will make you pay one or two months in advance. e.g. if your insurance will be $80 per month, you'll have to pay $160 on the day you sign up.

You might also consider joining up to a roadside assist club, such as NRMA, RACQ or RACV. These have a yearly cost which is usually required to be paid upfront. This is around $150-$200 per year.

If the car you just purchased only has one key, you might want to haggle a bit more off the price, as most cars these days have electronic keys which can cost over $100 to get a spare made. Even older cars without keyless entry still have electronic keys, make sure you add this into your budget, it's a necessity, if you lose your only key you could be looking at over $1,000 to replace the locking system in your car, or order a brand new original key from the manufacturer.

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