Reverse mortgage loan calculator

Reverse mortgage loan calculator

Thinking of retiring but not sure you have enough superannuation saved to live comfortably? Use this reverse mortgage calculator to find out how many years you will be able to live off the equity in your home before it returns to a zero value. You may also be interested in the principle and interest / interest only loan calculator.

NB: If you take out a reverse mortgage for the total value of your home and then sell it for less than you calculated it was worth there could be a short fall – and you will need to find additional funds to cover the gap.


Enter the current value of the home, and, if needed, the additional lump sum payment you want to draw off your equity. If you wish to receive an ongoing payment from your home, fill in the field for required payments each month. Use the sliders to indicate how many years you will need these monthly payments and the current loan interest rate. If there are regular fees involved complete the fees field and any upfront costs. Your home may increase in value while it has a reverse mortgage over it so this is taken into account. Indicate your expected pace of value increase – low, medium or high. You can also set your own if you wish.

Your results will show you how many years it will take before your equity falls to zero. You can also adjust the slider to see how much you will owe on the reverse mortgage at a certain year, how much equity remains in your home and the estimated total value of your home.

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