Extra Mortgage Repayments Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

About The Extra Mortgage Repayments Calculator

This mortgage calculator allows you to see how much you can save on your car loan, home loan, investment loan or other mortgage by paying extra voluntary payments in addition to your regular monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments. You might also like to take a look at the how long to repay your mortgage calculator.

How To Use The Extra Repayments Calculator / Mortgage Calculator

First enter the details of your loan in the top box – include the total loan amount, interest rate, loan term, current regular repayments (select your repayment schedule from the drop down menu). Then enter some different extra voluntary repayment amounts and change the time you will start these repayments – you’ll see in the results box below and represented in the graph on the right what these extra repayments could save you in terms of money and time to pay back the loan.

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