Tweeting Your Way To Financial Success

Sydney, Australia – May 20th 2013 – Ever thought that using social media could make you richer? Many Australians are now using Twitter and Facebook to learn more about money and how to make the most of it.

Recent analysis by financial comparison website shows engagement with finances on social media is on the rise. MoneyBuddy CEO Luke Howes remarked “Social media is providing new avenues for Australians to make the most of their finances by connecting people with information and industry personalities like never before.”

Research by MoneyBuddy has led to a ranking of the most influential people in Australian finance who actively use Twitter. Well known personality David Koch was the highest ranked influencer with over 60,000 followers, with Alan Kohler (Eureka Report) and Mark Bouris (formerly Wizard Home Loans, now Chairman of Yellow Brick Road) coming in second and third place.

“Twitter is a great platform for people to learn more about finance,” says Howes “there is such a breadth of knowledge and opinion being shared by some really smart people. We are only getting a glimpse of how financial literacy can be enhanced through technology.”

But Howes also warns of the dangers that come with an increasing deluge of online information.

“Like any financial information you have to choose your sources wisely. Try to follow those who also have a well respected offline identity and links to their accreditations. You might raise your financial IQ by reading widely online, but there will still be times when you’ll want to seek the face to face advice of a licensed financial professional.”

Olivia Maragna is the Co-founder of Aspire Retire, a rapidly growing financial planning firm. She made the MoneyBuddy list as one of Australia’s leading finance influencers on Twitter. Ms Maragna says “consumers are becoming more savvy about who they want to deal with and will take the time to research online before making a decision as to who to contact. A social media presence helps engage and gives you an opportunity to reach out and connect and also humanises who you are.”

But tweeting is not all about winning new clients for Ms Maragna.

“Social media gives me the ability to educate everyday people on money issues and to show them how the little things can make a big difference financially to your life. To be able to influence a positive outcome in someone’s financial life is both rewarding and a privilege.”

MoneyBuddy’s Howes reminds us that success often comes from association, “it’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If that advice holds true in an online sense, most of us would do well to spend more time following smart financial experts, reading their posts and tweets and learning from them. Their wisdom is bound to influence us.”


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