US Government Shut Down

What Is It All About?

The deadline for the upper and lower houses (congress) of the US government  to agree on the budget passed today, and there has been no agreement reached.

Thus the US government has been forced to close down.

What Will Be Closed Down?

The government!

Well, most of it. Congress funds the government, so while congress can't agree on funding, a budget won't be passed, thus there will be no funds available to pay government workers.

About 800,000 'non-essential' government employees will have to stay home from work while the shutdown continues. This means there will be no one available to staff many public departments including the following:

Museums and National Parks

Every national park in the country will be shut, aswell as all smithsonian's museums, zoos and other facilities.

Other national sites which will be shutdown include icons such as the Yellowstone national park, The Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, just to name a few.

NASA will be affected, 18,000 employees will be staying home without pay.

The Defence Department, A.K.A The Pentagon will be forced to send home over half of its 800,00 employees, without pay.

Social Security offices will go unstaffed.

The Environmental Protection Agency will have hardly anyone available to monitor pollution levels or enforce pollution regulations.

What To Do Now?


But really, it's a waiting game. Negotiations will be negotiated, talks will be talked, and hopefully some agreements will be agreed upon.

But until then, let's watch and learn!

This rarely happens in the U.S., the last time was 17 years ago. Which led to some pretty smelly streets in Washington, when garbage collectors were sent home for 21 days!

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