The First Australian Bank Websites, How Did They Look?

While we were researching some historical interest rates, we came across an old version of the Commonwealth Bank's homepage. It was amazing... Well, amazingly embarrasing...

Check it out below, along with some other examples of the banks first attempts at an online presence. Which one do you think is the best? Which one is the most embarrasing?

Commonwealth Bank - 1996

The purple is so vibrant! And those models, where did they find such babes?!

Commonwealth Bank's First Website

ANZ - 1996

The creativeness is just overflowing on ANZ's 'World Wide Web Home Page'.

ANZ's First Website

Westpac - 1997

Not too bad Westpac, no power dressing, no random colours, and no super-wide single line sentences.

Westpac's First Website

NAB - 1996

If you're a fan of a reading copyright information and disclaimers, you've come to the right place! And hey, why not enjoy saying hi to a lady with a kinda creepy head tilt while you're there?

NAB's First Website

St.George - 1996

Woah, way ahead of it's big bank competitors, St.George has taken the bold move to introduce... a background!

St.George's First Website

Bankwest - 1996

Just in case you lose track of which bank's site you are on, Bankwest have also provided this very helpful background.

Bankwest's First Website

Aussie Home Loans - 1996

That visitor tally is off the charts!

Aussie Home Loan's First Website

RAMS - 1996

So that's what RAMS stands for. It all makes sense now!

RAMS' First Website

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