The Beauty of PayPal

We may laugh at our elder counterparts who refuse to pay their bills or purchase products online but they could in fact be the smarter generation! With a rise in cases of online credit card fraud in Australia and all over the world, maybe we should be more reluctant when entering our card details online.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 1.2 million Australians fell victim to personal fraud in 2010-2011 and these victims lost a collective total of $1.4 billion! This is a scary statistic, especially considering that so many people are entering their credit cards details online everyday.

So with this brought to your attention, you really need to become aware, if you haven’t so already, of the beauty of PayPal. Upon discussions with many people, I am shocked to discover that not many people are even aware of PayPal and the fantastic service it offers.

PayPal is becoming one of Australia’s favourite way to buy online and this is definitely contributed to its safety. The main reason that PayPal is such a safe payment alternative is because your financial information is always kept private when making an online purchase with this service. PayPal even monitors your accounts for fraudulent activity and will help you if unfortunately your account is susceptive to this crime. PayPal in addition offers its members Buyer Protection, so if an item you have purchased online never turns up or does not match the seller’s description, PayPal will assist you in recovering the full cost, which includes shipping costs.

For this reason, when I conduct online shopping I avoid purchasing from websites and private online sellers that do not offer PayPal as a payment alternative. PayPal is not only safe but is also so much more convenient. When making a purchase with PayPal, all you require is your username and password, so no more searching for your card and entering in your card digits.

There are so many ways to further protect you from fraud when shopping online such as only buying from secure websites. For even more information on how to prevent fraud online, you can read this article about Credit Cards and Internet Security.

To conclude, buying online does not have to eventuate in fraudulent behaviour, especially when you use PayPal as an alternative payment method. Always be educated and aware of fraudulent scams so you can be more cautious and educate your counterparts. Teach them about the safety benefits of PayPal and how to use the web in a safe manner and hopefully their fears and yours will subside.

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