Online vs. Retail Christmas Present Prices

If you have started Christmas shopping recently you would have already noticed the crowds, the full carparks, the long lines and the messy stores. All that stress isn't good,  plus it's so hard to keep a track of your spending while your trying to squeeze between people and race to get that last present before someone else.

Many people choose to avoid all this and shop online. There are no lines, it may be more relaxing and you can go as slow as you want, more carefully checking prices of everything you buy, so you don't blow your budget.

But can these online shopping sites really compete with the huge chains like Big W or Target?

We have done some research on a sample of Christmas presents this year, and compared the prices. Our method isn't particularly scientific - we've chosen some presents that we are getting for other people (or would like to get ourselves!) and then we've looked at the prices at a retail outlet and also online. This definitely doesn't compare all products or price in the market. Check out our infographic below to find out our results!

Online vs. Retail Christmas Present Prices

We also found a few surprising things not featured in the infographic, for example, if you want to buy a video game, there is a wide variety of pricing between retail outlets. Some specialist video game retailer was selling the new car racing video game Gran Turismo 6 for $99.95, we found the same product in Kmart for $69.

If you are wanting to buy your products online instead of in-store, there are other factors to consider including whether the goods will be delivered in time. Check with each website to see when the last date you can order is and still get what you want in time for Christmas.

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