Non-Boring Money Saving YouTube Channels

Sometimes reading is boring, money saving, can also be a bit dreary to read about. Combine the two and you would have the perfect sheep counting alternative to put yourself to sleep. This advice is still very important though, and you've probably been taking in these tips without even knowing it, think 'The Block', or 'The Apprentice'. You were getting educated without realising, how? Because the shows make it interesting!

That's why we've searched the web for some good youtube channels for all you MoneyBuddy'ers out there to check out! From DIY makeup tips, to home decor on a budget, you should be able to find something that interests you and saves you money. Have a look at our list below!

YouTube Channel 1 - The Savings Experiment

This channel offers simple tips to help you save money on everything you can imagine, from videos on how to keep up your own car maintenance, to how to save money on coffee machine refills! Like most of the good YouTube channels, it is American, but the tips still apply for us Aussies! Head to their channel and check out some of their videos, they aren't boring and the tips they give are so easy to implement you'll be testing them out in no time!

YouTube Channel 2 - The Do It Yourself World

If you're a Walking Dead fan, or if you're currently making zombie apocalypse preparations, then this is the channel for you! (It would also be a great channel for anyone who wants to be sustainable.)

Basically this channel is all about how to live off the grid, how you can make your own appliances or electricity, or grow your own food, if you were out in the middle of a forest somewhere. The video maker, is living in a camper deep in such a forest, and off the grid. Making his own solar power, collecting his own water, disposing of his own waste, growing his own food plus more.

There are videos here on heaps of cool do it yourself projects including making your own solar panels, running your own air conditioner without the need for an electricity provider, plus more!

There is also a website and blog to visit, which you can find here.

YouTube Channel 3 - Bethany Mota

The most popular channel on our list, and one of the most popular on YouTube, Bethany Mota posts videos on how to do your own hair, makeup, fashion, DIY projects and anything else along those lines. Save time and money by following her tips and subscribing to the channel.

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