New American Express Balance Transfer Offer

The most famous credit card provider in the land, American Express has this month released a brand new offer for new customers. You can now get a great low rate of 0.99% p.a. on any balance transferred over to their Qantas Discovery Card or Platinum Edge Credit Card, for the first 6 months.

If you have been thinking of getting a balance transfer card, to get rid of your existing debt faster and simpler, now  might be the best time to do so. With American Express offering this balance transfer special on two cards, you can easily find one to suit you. Both come with a great rewards scheme, as you would expect from an American Express credit card, but each has its own features.

Qantas American Express Discovery Card

Qantas American Express Discovery Card

This card has no annual fee, up to 7,500 bonus points on sign-up, and gives you an extra Qantas Frequent Flyer point for every dollar you spend.

The Qantas Discovery card has up to 44 days interest free on purchases, so if you pay off the total balance every month, you will be earning points, paying no interest and no annual fee!

You cannot get cash out on this card, cash advances are unavailable, but this may be a good thing for you, as it means you won't be tempted to use it to get cash and be stuck with a high interest rate repayment.

There is nothing exciting about the purchase interest rate, it's about average at the moment, to see the terms and conditions and the latest rates on this card visit the Qantas Discovery Card Product Information Page.

American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

Flights! Flights! Get your complimentary flights here!

Yep, no need to save up points, no need to scrimp and save, the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card gives you a complimentary domestic flight every year! Combine this with the awesome point earning potential of this card, and you could be visiting more destinations than you ever thought possible.

With this American Express card, you have the ability to earn up to 3 points for every dollar you spend! Plus up to 10,000 bonus points on sign-up!

You will earn at least half a point for every dollar you spend, the typical point earning day would go something like this...

Buy $100 worth of groceries at Woolies? Get 300 points!

Fill up your petrol tank on the way home for $100? Get 200 Points!

Pay that $400 electricity bill you've been putting offGet 200 Points!

Thats 600 points in one day!

Again with this card there is an interest free period, this time up to 55 days, and no cash advances allowed. The interest rate is nothing special, about the average of the credit card industry, and there is a $195 annual fee.

This annual fee is on the high side, but if you think you will be spending like the example above, then you will see the benefits when you start raking in the rewards.

To find out more about this card and see the terms and conditions, visit the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card Product Information Page.

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