How Much Money Does Google Make?

Ever wondered what you're worth to Google everytime you search for the latest Justin Bieber video  or grumpy cat meme?

Check out the infographic to find out how much money some of the world's best known websites make. We've also included a little more information on three of the companies, take a look below!

How Much Money Do The World's Top Websites Make?

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How Much Does Amazon Make Per Minute?
$65,040 Per Minute
$3,902,400 Per Hour
$93,657,600 Per Day
$655,603,200 Per Week

What Is Amazon?
Amazon is currently the world's largest online retailer, and also produces the Kindle e-book reader. The site started off as an online bookstore, but has now grown to sell nearly everthing you can imagine, including DVDS, Music Downloads, Video Games, Electronics, Clothing, Toys, Jewelry, Furniture, and now even Food!

What Would It Cost You To Buy Amazon?
The net worth of, Inc. is $142,840,000,000. ($142.8 Billion!)



How Much Does Google Make Per Minute?
$55,740 Per Minute
$3,344,400 Per Hour
$80,265,600 Per Day
$561,859,200 Per Week

What Is Google?
Of course everyone knows Google is the search engine provider, but how does it make money? Mainly from its advertising service, AdWords. If you've ever noticed the highlighted results that come up at the top of your page when you search for something on Google, then you have seen this process in action. Companies pay big bucks to be up the top of that search result, and this is where Google makes its money.

What Would It Cost You To Buy Google?
The net worth of Google Inc. is $291,700,000,000. ($291.7 Billion!)



How Much Does eBay Make Per Minute?
$17,400 Per Minute
$1,044,400 Per Hour
$25,056,000 Per Day
$175,392,000 Per Week

What Is eBay?
eBay is an online listing and auction company, providing a place where buyers and sellers can meet. It is different to Amazon as it does not actually sell the products, eBay only provides a place where sellers can list their own products. eBay makes its money from charging a fee to sellers who list their items on eBay's site.

What Would It Cost You To Buy eBay?
Compared to the other two companies on the list, eBay is worth much less coming in at a net worth of $72,000,000,000. ($72 Billion!)

*Just so we're clear, when we say "Top" websites we're not implying a definitive ranking or an exhaustive list. We've conducted research into how much revenue these companies make - either what they publicly disclose or through other sources. When we say "top" in this article, we mean that they are well known.

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