5 Money Saving Blogs For Women

We here at MoneyBuddy know how hard it can be to balance a budget as a busy mum, so we thought we'd find some blogs and websites to help you out.

We've narrowed the list down to 5 websites and blogs we looked at. These sites and blogs offer tips on how to save money and make money, as well as personal reviews on products plus heaps of other tips and information all related to women and mums. Just so we're clear - we don't have any financial incentive for listing these websites, we found them and we liked them and so we created a list.

Money Mummy

Money Mummy
About The Website: 
Money Mummy aims to help you make the most of your money by giving you simple, accessible, jargon free information on important money matters.

About The Author: Shelley Marsh
Shelley Marsh
Shelley has worked as a stock market analyst for a range of companies for the last sixteen years.  Now she enjoys being a mum, play dough in one hand, Financial Review in other.  She uses Money Mummy to combine her two passions motherhood and money.

The Thrifty Issue

The Thrifty Issue
About The Website:
The Thrifty Issue is all about being smart with your cash so you can enjoy your life to its fullest. However while the website is predominantly about saving money, you will also come across articles about getting organised, creating home comforts, healthy eating, mindful shopping tips, gift guides and tips on entertaining yourself and your family.

About The Author: �Alison Parks
Alison Parks
In her twenties, Alison found herself in a city (Melbourne) with food and retail temptations aplenty!  She burned through her income on Chapel Street on Saturday mornings, then burned through her credit cards at the George Wine Bar on Saturday nights. Before too long, she was deeply in debt and paying her girlfriend back the $20 she borrowed on Friday, to only borrow it again on Monday. It was during this time, that she decided that life was a lot more comfortable when she wasn’t continually stressed about money.

The Savings Room

Savings Room
About The Website: 
The Savings Room focuses on saving readers time, money, sanity and the world. There are over 6000+ saving tips delivered fast via articles, a savings directory, cheat sheets, handy checklists, planners and highly practical printables for organising life.

About The Author: Penina Petersen
Penina Petersen
Penina Petersen is well-known in Australia, New Zealand and abroad for her first book Table Tucker, a revolutionary cooking system which helps consumers save thousands on groceries every year.

Saving Mummy

Saving Mummy
About The Website:
On the Saving Mummy website, Julia shares her experiences, experiments and discoveries as she and her family take up the challenge to live for less.

About The Author: Julia Harris
Julia Harris
Julia Harris is a busy wife and mother to four young children, living in NSW Australia. Living on one income has encouraged Julia to ‘think outside of the square’ and stretch her dollars as far as they can go.

Kylie Ofiu

Kylie Ofiu's Website

About The Website:
On her website, Kylie shares information and tips to help families save money in all areas of the home as well as find ways to increase their income.

About The Author: Kylie Ofiu
Kylie Ofiu
Kylie Ofiu is the author of 365 Ways To Make Money, an international public speaker, home finance mentor, freelance writer, blogger and mum.

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