2014 Money Saving Blogger Awards

It's awards season everybody! We here at MoneyBuddy were just as excited as you were to see the who's who of Hollywood, and find out who would take home the best of the best awards. In fact we've been so swept up in the excitement we want to keep it going with our own awards!

Throughout the year we read tonnes of articles and blog posts in order to get the best researched information on to MoneyBuddy, and to keep up with the latest updates in the money saving world. So when it comes to choosing some of the best blogs, we feel we are well placed to give out some of our own awards to who we think have contributed some of the best content and helped out the most people with money saving tips and information.

Check out the winners below, have a look at their blogs, like their facebook pages, follow their tweets and you'll be on your way to riches in no time.

2014 Winner - Best Investment Advice Blog


About The Blog

The team of analysts at ASX stock market research firm Intelligent Investor have created their own public sounding board, in the form of this blog named, Doddsville. The blog features regular updates on the market, as well as look-backs, predictions, commentary and explanations in the form of both written blog posts as well as podcasts.

About The Authors

Nathan Bell, research director at the Intelligent Investor, works alongside Gareth Brown, Gaurav Sodhi and Jason Prowd. This blog is where they share their thoughts and gather feedback about their ASX research at Intelligent Investor.

2014 Winner - Best Money Saving Blog For Students

Best Money Saving Blog For Students - Student Finance

About The Blog

Student Finance is a website dedicated to providing the facts for students when it comes to organizing their finances.

Its no secret life can be tough as a student, lack of money and never ending lists of expenses seem to always be a problem. Student Finance tries to alleviate some of these stresses by sharing some of the things Andrew (the author) has learnt that can make life a bit easier.

About The Author

The website and blog author is Andrew. A while ago Andrew decided to give up full time work temporarily to focus on going to University and getting educated. Naturally Andrew jumped on the net and tried to piece together how he was going to be able to afford this significant change in lifestyle. Andrew noticed a absence of quality Australian blogs that help students get through this phase of life comfortably. So he decided to make one himself.

2014 Winner - Best Money Saving Blog For Kids

Best Money Saving Blog For Kids - Kids And Money

About The Blog

Kids and Money is the blog of John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals, which is a group of singing and dancing puppets who teach children to share, save & spend smart. These Money Mammals have created Books, DVDs, toys, and other educational material which are sold to parents, schools and banks. It's kind of like Healthy Harold, but teaching kids about money instead of health. This Kids and Money blog is John's separate blog where he shares his tips to parents on how to teach their children to share, save and spend smart. You will also find videos, infographics and guest posts from other authors, as well as a Money Mammals video or two!

About The Author

John Lanza is the Chief Mammal of Snigglezoo Entertainment, a company he founded in 2006. Through Snigglezoo Entertainment, John created including the award-winning Money Mammals DVD, authored and co-illustrated the Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal children's picture book and developed The Money Mammals Saving Money is Fun Kids Club.

John is passionate about the importance of teaching young kids (preschool and primary) about the value of money and is active in social media, spreading the message with his blog and Facebook page that building good habits early can help families from having to break bad habits later.

2014 Winner - Best Money Saving Blog For Over 50's

Best Money Saving Blog For Over 50's - 50 Plus Finance

About The Blog

50 Plus Finance is dedicated to all the over 50 people who someday wish to retire with enough money to live comfortably. The blog was started when the Author noticed in his many years surfing the personal finance blogs that there were not many geared for the over 50 crowd. The Author saw many blogs that talked about personal finance in a broad way but none that addressed the needs and ideas of the more mature crowd.

The blog features heaps of great ideas and articles on more than just money saving tips, the blog has wide ranging posts, from how to decorate a house without upsetting your landlord, to which car is the safest for you and the family, as well as instructions and how to guides for investing.

About The Author

The author and creator of this blog is David Leto, a married father of six children, who works in the real estate and construction industry. With three children in college, money is always tight in his household. David has an interest in personal finance and investing and sets out to post educational articles regarding personal finance, investing, plus his own personal strategies that have helped him to get to where he is today.

2014 Winner - Best Blog For Saving Money On Food

Best Blog For Saving Money On Food - Budget Bytes

About The Blog

Budget Bytes is the ultimate food blog and site for anyone who loves to cook, or anyone who wants to eat good food on a budget. With food bills being one of the major yearly expenses in every household it is a great expense for you to target and work on so you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

Beth posts new recipes every few days, and each post comes with great instructions, a cost breakdown of each meal plus photos of every step of the cooking process. The site also features a vegetarian section, plus a shopping list planner so you can be prepared and budget for your shopping trip.

About The Author

As a food lover and a number cruncher Beth decided that cooking on a budget shouldn't mean baked beans and 2-minute noodles night after night. This is Beth's web log of good food cooked with little cash.

Beth likes to cook because it’s the perfect combination of her two favorite subjects: art and science. When not cooking and blogging, Beth works as a microbiologist in a hospital laboratory.

2014 Winner - Best Money Saving DIY Blog

Best Money Saving DIY Blog - The Frugal Girl

About The Blog

The Frugal Girl blog has picture-filled posts about the practical, day-to-day ins and outs of frugal living (you won’t find posts on index funds and investing here).The blog also has a focus on green living and preventing food waste. The blog features DIY projects, painting projects, repurposing ideas, home decor ideas, plus much more.

About The Author

Kristen, is a wife and mother of four children, living in the united states. She has been frugal all her life, and now blogs about this to try and inspire other people to live on less.

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