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Paying Your Car Loan Quickly - What You Need To Know

Bill Tsouvalas from Savvy Finance sheds some light on what you need to know about paying off your car loan quickly.

Costs To Consider When Planning A Holiday

Want to get the most out of your holiday? Find out how to squeeze the most value on your trip.

Australian Bank Slogans

What the banks say they are, do they match up with how they act?

The First Australian Bank Websites, How Did They Look?

See just how far the interwebz has come since 1996.

Australia's Most Expensive Houses

Ever wondered how the other half live. These mansions start at over $40 million each. Take a look to see what that kind of money can buy you.

2014 Money Saving Blogger Awards

Find out who received our MoneyBuddy Money Saving Blogger Awards this year!

Non-Boring Money Saving YouTube Channels

Cure your boredom, save money, and prepare for a zombie apocalypse all at once! Check out these YouTube channels we've hand picked for your viewing pleasure!

New American Express Balance Transfer Offer

THE customer service specialists, American Express, have released a great balance transfer offer on a couple of their best cards.

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