RaboDirect Digipass

RaboDirect Digipass

What Is A RaboDirect Digipass?

A RaboDirect Digipass is an electronic code generator which all RaboDirect customers need to use in order to conduct online transactions. Once you enter your PIN code, the Digipass generates a random code which must then be entered online to authorize any transactions, or access any accounts.

How Does It Work?

The Digipass creates a one-time access code used to identify you as a user, log you on to your accounts and verify any transactions you wish to make. RaboDirect uses this as part of their ‘two-factor authentication’ principle. Which means you need something only you know, your pin code, plus something you have to physically have, your Digipass. This means that no one can access your account information if they steal your pin, or if someone gets their hand on your Digipass. You need to have both, this gives you one extra piece of security over the banks who don’t offer this type of tool.

How To Change Your Digipass PIN code

You should change your PIN code to something you will remember as soon as you receive your new Digipass. But don’t set it to something that is easy to guess, such as your birthday. You can change the PIN whenever you like, all you have to do is:

  • Press the orange button
  • Enter your current 5 digit PIN code
  • Hold the orange button for about 2 seconds
  • The screen will then go blank
  • ‘NEW PIN’ will then show up on the screen
  • Now enter the PIN you would like to change to

How To Use Your Digipass

You will need to use your Digipass when you login to your account online. The webpage will give you instructions when you get there, but here is a rundown of the steps you will need to take., once you get to the account login page.

  • Enter your customer number in the first box on the account login screen
  • Turn on your Digipass by pressing the orange button
  • Enter your PIN
  • Then press 1
  • Your Digipass will show you a 6 digit code. (This can only be used once and only lasts for 36 seconds)
  • Enter this code in the second box on the account login screen
  • Then click ‘Login’ and you’re done!

You will also need to use your Digipass to authorise any transactions you make online. Again there will be instructions on the webpage when you have to do this, but here’s the steps you will have to undertake.

  • Turn on your Digipass by pressing the orange button
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press number 2 this time
  • Enter the 6 digit reference number from the webpage on your computer into the Digipass
  • The numbers will then disappear
  • Press the orange button to continue
  • An 8 digit number will appear on your Digipass, enter this number into the box provided on the webpage.
  • Click ‘Confirm’ and you’re done!

To apply for a RaboDirect account and gain access to this special security tool, the RaboDirect Digipass, go to our RaboDirect Bank Account page.

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