NAB Flik App

Nab has announced a new mobile app named Flik, which aims to make borrowing and collecting money from friends, and splitting bills both easier and less awkward.

NAB Flik

Repay Your Friends

You can repay your friends by finding them in your contacts list on your mobile, by email, or even via facebook! Your friend will get a notification and can then either register for the NAB Flik app, or simply enter their bank details and the payment will go through! Easy!

Request Your Money From Friends

You can request payments from your friends by creating a QR code, which they can then scan and pay straight away. Or if your phones both have NFC capabilities, simply tap your phones together and voilà, your friend can now repay you easily and quickly!

Claim Your Money

If someone sends you a payment through NAB Flik. all you have to do to receive your money is us the NAB Flik app, or simply enter your bank details.

How To Get Flik

Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You do have to have an NAB transaction account, and be registered for internet banking. Register for a NAB transaction account here.

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