Listing your product in the "Product Finder" comparison tool

One of the most popular features of Money Buddy is the easy-to-use product comparison tool. The “Product Finder” is the most sought after piece of real estate on the site, confirming that MoneyBuddy users are in the process of making decisions about which credit card, home, car or personal loan to apply for.

Before they make their minds up, do you want our visitors to consider your product? In the Product Finder you can list all the product’s key features, special offers, any rewards, bonuses, interest rates AND when they click APPLY NOW we can send them straight to you to complete their application.

We know most companies have more than one product they want to list so we offer special rates for multiple products. Your product might be a credit card, savings account, term deposit, car loan, home loan or personal loan. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What do you get for your money? Pre-qualified leads. Traffic from Money Buddy is ACTIVE – if they come to you from us you know they are actively doing their research. If you’d like to know more give us a call on 02 8854 2950 or email

You can also try the tool for yourself here MoneyBuddy

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